MRV optical solution maximize 10/100Gbps and 200Gbps capacities with the industry’s most flexible,
low power, small footprint, low latency and compact solution

Deliver Cost Effective and Scalable Solution for
Web Development

As every business faces unique business challenges, we develop web-applications and softwares across a wide range of technology platforms to ensure successful implementation of your business strategies and enhancement of your operational excellence. We create applications that are easily navigated and is user-friendly, so that you business does not loose opportunity.


Our expertise reaches over versatile platforms, languages and databases. We use staple systems like Microsoft Technologies, Open Source Technologies (LAMP) and Java.


PHP, MySql

Joomla, WordPress, Megento

Web 2.0, Ajax, JQuery

We offer many services under Application Development including Web Applications, Desktop Applications, and Enterprise Applications.

Value Proposition

propositionReduce rack space and real estate costs by up to 75% with
high-density chassis supporting over Terabit of capacity

propositionReduce electrical costs for 10G and 100G optical transport with
less than 0.7 watts per GigE of bandwidth, resulting in more than
50% electrical cost savings

propositionReduce the need for testing equipment, manpower requirements
for configuration since the solutions come with built-in testing

propositionSpeed service turn-up from days to hours with simultaneous
testing of all channels

propositionSupport real-time applications with ultra-low latency
optical transport

propositionSupport high-availability carrier grade network and
system designs

propositionHigh-density modular design for optimal and
simplified scalability

propositionOpen and programmable solution for
Optical SDN